Peoria's Top Restaurant Since 2006

When we took over 2Chez in 2006, we didn’t know what to expect. We wanted to deliver quality meals, but we didn’t expect to be named one of the best restaurants in Peoria IL. We didn’t anticipate the success we’ve had, but we’ve used it as motivation to keep improving.


“I knew this place was good, but I had forgotten that it is exemplary.”

- Danielle Hatch, PJ Star


A lot has changed over the years, and our passion for our craft is ever-evolving. Even so, there are some things we’re committed to keeping the same. We’re committed to having a friendly staff, fresh ingredients, a welcoming community, and a unique style designed to satisfy a wide range of tastes.


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We’ve found that people value dishes that are specially crafted just for them. We pride ourselves on our homemade sauces and fresh, hand-crafted meals, as well as our selection of craft drinks. We have a large selection of specialty cocktails made behind the bar from scratch.


As part of our quest to become one of the best restaurants in Peoria IL, we’ve worked to create a unique dining atmosphere. A mix of family photos, pictures with celebrities, and other items we’ve acquired over the years adorn our walls. We work to create an atmosphere filled with conversation and laughter, and we hope our visitors become regulars.


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Give us a call at 309.691.2224, leave a message if before or after operating hours.