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Are you looking for fine dining in Peoria IL? Try 2Chez! We provide a diverse, versatile menu, with the ultimate goal being to provide exceptional food every time. We’re all about crafted food, crafted cocktails, and building relationships with our customers.


As part of the fine dining experience that 2Chez offers, our location enables visitors to see Peoria Lake and the beautiful Peoria skyline while they enjoy our authentic, hand-crafted dishes. Ours is the kind of food meant to be shared over crafted cocktails or a great bottle of wine.


Our menu covers a wide range of entrees, both because our customers enjoy different dishes and because we enjoy making those unique dishes. We want to serve good Pho, a delicious hamburger, and a tasty rack of lamb, simply because we can.


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What to Expect When Eating at Chef2

We change the menu for the bar and the communal table every two weeks.  This menu is served only at the bar. The goal is to get our visitors to try new things! Our main menu gets changed about once every 5 or 6 months.


Our demographic is very well-rounded.  We get a lot of young people, retired people, and older people. We try to bring something to the table for everybody, without sacrificing quality. We want to meet the tastes across several different demographics, but we don’t want to serve mediocre dishes as a result.


Many of our clients fit the “young professional” demographic. Lots of our visitors bring clients for work meetings, as we offer one of the best experiences for fine dining in Peoria IL.

Many of our visitors sport the dress casual or business casual look, but there’s no strict dress code. Simply put, we want our visitors to enjoy their fine dining experience.


2Chez Restaurant

7815 N Knoxville Ave, Peoria, IL 61614

(309) 691-2224


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Give us a call at 309.691.2224, leave a message if before or after operating hours.